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Pearl Beauty (Whitening pills)

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    60 Skin whitening pearl powder capsules

    Pearl Beauty capsules is a beauty supplement that can

    - Effectively restrains melanin deposition leaving skin white and tender
    -- Increase skin elasticity
    -- Remove acne and acne marks
    -- Eliminates wrinkles and revitalize cells
    -- Enhance calcium absorption thus preventing osteoporosis
    -- Promote children's bone growth
    -- Improve sleep quality
    -- Re-energize brain thus increase intelligence
    -- Strengthen immunity
    -- Intensify cardiovascular system
    -- Accelerate blood circulation
    -- Reduce hypertension complication
    -- Resist aging and oxidation
    -- Facilitate collagen cells regeneration
    -- Tranquilize the mind and ease fright
    -- Clear away liver fire to treat eye disease
    -- Help in curing halitosis and faucitis due to drinking and smoking
    -- For women with over 3 months of pregnancy or those during the breast feeding period it can clear fetal toxification and speed up normal bone growth for their fetuses
    -- Nourish and moisten your eyes
    -- Lessen the tiredness of ocular muscles and protects your eyesight.

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